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Pray Together as a Congregation (PPT)

Small Group Session (PDF)

Night of Power Prayer Meeting (PDF)

Prayer Walk Guide (PDF)


What’s your next step after 30 Days? Do you have a passion to continue to pray for Muslim people throughout the year? Want to learn how to build friendships with Muslim people? Or do you want to prepare to welcome believers in Jesus from Muslim heritages into your church? There are loads of resources to help you on your journey.


Introducing the Friendship Trio of resources to help your church reach, welcome & disciple people from Muslim heritages:


Giving ordinary Christians the tools to discuss the good news with ordinary Muslims

Friendship first


Helping churches welcome believers of Muslim heritage into the family of Christ

Joining the family


Assisting believers of Muslim background to grow in Christ with the help of a mentor

Come follow me




15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World

Elam Ministries: resources for Iranians & Afghans

Encountering the World of Islam: an in-depth training course for Christians

Evangelical Alliance UK resources

Frontiers get praying daily for Muslim people

Mahabba prayer network

Simply Mobilising: 5 cross-cultural courses including Kairos